The Many Benefits of Adopting a Cat

If you are thinking about getting a cat, adopting is one of the best things you can do. There are a huge number of cats that need rehoming up and down the country. Some come from abusive backgrounds, while others just need a family to take care of them. Here are just some of the many benefits associated with rehoming a cat.

Second Chance > People often ask why they should be rehoming cats? The benefits are there for all to see, once of them is to give an animal a second chance. By adopting a cat, you are basically saving a life, they can’t be kept in a shelter their entire life, they need a safe, loving home of their own. Many cats have been taken from horrendous environments where they were abused, neglected and abandoned. Some have lost their owners, while others have been left in a shelter because they are no longer loved. Some shelters have to euthanise due to lack of space, adopting a cat gives them another chance to enjoy their life.

Cost Effective > When a shelter takes in an unwanted cat, they often vaccinate and neuter them, some even microchip. This means you won’t have to pay for all these procedures out of your own pocket, like you would if you were buying a cat from a breeding farm. It also guarantees you are taking home a pet which is healthy and disease free. Rehoming a cat from a shelter is a lot cheaper than buying from a cat breeder.

Eradicate Illegal Breeding Farms > These places exist in abundance and they only breed pets for profit. This means they don’t care about their surroundings as long as they are getting money from customers. They are often kept in horrible conditions without access to basic necessities such as water.

Teaching Life Skills > Kids benefit greatly from having pets such as cats and dogs. They are taught to be responsible when dealing with the animal, taking them out for walks and giving them food when needed. Rehoming a cat gives you the opportunity to explain why you choose to adopt the animal, allowing your kids to learn important things such as empathy and kindness.

Loyal Companion

A cat is a loyal companion who will never judge or leave you throughout their lifespan. As long as you provide them with the necessities, they’ll always be there to give you love and attention. They can change your feelings when you are down and often help you out of a difficult experience such as depression or losing a loved one. An animal will know it has been rescued, so the bond you develop will be unbreakable and unconditional.

This article has highlighted just some of the many reasons why rehoming a cat or any kind of pet is hugely beneficial both to them and to you. You can adopt a mature cat without having to house train them, making them easy to have around your home. You’ll receive a lot of love and affection from a rehomed animal.