Richest and most successful woman of Israel

The richest woman in the whole Israel, Shari Arison is a successful businesswoman and one the greatest contributors for the well being of humanity. The echo of her legends can be heard in whole of the Middle East. She was born in a renowned family of Tel Aviv, Israel to Mina Arison Sapir and Ted Arison. She has a brother, Mickey Arison who is owner of Carnival Cruise and MBA’s Miami Heat. Currently, she is divorced and has four children.

When her parents divorced in 1966, she lived with her mother in Israel but later she returned to live with her father in US. At the age of 17, she joined Israel Defense Forces to serve her native land. There is no doubt that she stared doing wonders from the very young age. After her father’s death, she was succeeded by his 35% property which later she expanded on a very big scale. She also inherited shares of Bank Hapaolim and Shikun u’Binui Holdings Ltd.

She leaded a big movement for 900 factory workers because they were fired from the bank of Hapaolim. In 2009, an Israeli news platform voted her as the 56th greatest Israeli personality. In the same year, she organized the third ‘Good Deeds Day’ of Israel. In this event, she with her non-profit organization motivated a large crowd and left a great impact on people

Her accomplishments

She was the only woman who got mentioned in Forbes Top 20 richest people in 2017 and became the richest woman in the whole Middle East. She is one the biggest shareholders of Carnival Cruises and owned a ship from the fleet, named as Costa Concordia. She bought shares from the Arison Holdings and also owns many successful businesses like desalination plant, shopping complexes, green projects and non-profit organization. In 2019, her net worth is $510crores and is the fifth richest billionaire of Middle East.